We offer unique painting experiences for plein air groups, corporate gatherings and private events.


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Plein Air

Plein air events are a great way to enjoy the outdoors and relax while painting on location. Plein air is a phrase from the French meaning "open air" used to describe the act of painting outdoors.

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Corporate Gatherings

Gathering socially or for corporate team building painting sparks creativity in an inspiring and innovative way allowing associates, colleagues, and partners to network talents.

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Private Events

Birthdays, Fundraisers, or Holidays - painting is a great way to host your group. Private events are ideal for all types of social gatherings allowing guests to enjoy creativity while celebrating or donating.

Our mission is to provide events where guests can feel the joy of creativity.

We offer unique painting experiences that inspire wellness through expression. Our instructors make it simple so everyone can enjoy the artistic process.

We strive to support sustainable business practices with eco-conscious mindfulness utilizing environmentally friendly recycled and reusable materials to lessen our impact.


Painterly specializes in resort events, plein air groups, corporate gatherings, private events, and fundraisers.


Online Tutorials and Live Streaming Events


Just click on PTV to watch the latest tutorial, live streaming event or new series with Painterly TV. Go to On Demand or Pay Per View to find your video of choice. 

Join our community of engaged students, instructors, and art enthusiasts. With new content each week, there is always inspiration to discover.

Painterly Sessions tutorial  Vedanta Ranch

Painterly Sessions tutorial Vedanta Ranch

Painterly Events


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