Art Walk tonight!


Laguna Art Museum opens their doors with complimentary admission for Art Walk patrons. Their current show:


Robert Henri’s California: Realism, Race, and Region, 1914-1925

February 22–May 31, 2015

This exhibition brings together for the first time many of the works that artist Robert Henri produced during his sojourns in San Diego and Los Angeles.

The legendary American painter Robert Henri made his first plans to visit California just over a century ago.  “Westward Ho!” he exclaimed in 1914 in a letter to his former student, Alice Klauber, who lived in San Diego.  Henri’s eagerness was rooted in his quest for new settings and fresh subjects. “I am now quite convinced that San Diego is one of the most interesting and beautiful places in the world and we shall head that way and will not be convinced otherwise until we have seen the place and have been turned away,” he wrote.